Commerce Bank’s origin began more than 150 years ago in Kansas City, and by 1890 Commerce was the largest bank west of Chicago. The institution now has more than 374 commercial locations in the Midwest. With so many stand-alone banking facilities, the challenge to the organization was development of a high level facility improvement plan to improve comfort levels for employees and patrons, reduce energy and operational costs, and protect their capital investment in the facilities.

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Commerce Bank has selected CTS to help develop a long term facility improvement plan to identify and prioritize which facilities are in highest need of energy and system improvements. The assessment process includes review of existing conditions, energy usage and potential improvements for the individual locations. The improvements typically include:

  • HVAC upgrades
  • Temperature control building automation systems
  • Energy efficient interior/exterior lighting upgrades
  • Electrical system upgrades
  • Building envelope improvements

Project Results

The program objectives are being met both from the perspective of comfort and reduced energy and maintenance costs. The annual savings are ranging from 20% to 70% at each location.