The College's energy efficient lighting project moves them closer to attaining environmental goals.

Lewis and Clark Community College's school color may be a vibrant blue, but a concern for the environment has the College thinking green.


As part of the College's ongoing sustainability program, CTS Group implemented the Godfrey campus site lighting project. The project replaces and modified the existing site lighting systems with LED fixtures to increase the energy efficiency of the systems and the overall illumination of the campus.

The global scientific consensus is that the human race needs to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by at least 80% by mid-century at the latest in order to avert the worst impacts and to reestablish the more stable climatic conditions that have made human progress over the last 10,000 years possible.

In 2008 Lewis and Clark Community College made a commitment to do its part to reduce their carbon footprint by developing a number of green initiatives and educating the campus and community about sustainability solutions. Through education, training and outreach, the College's mission is to create/transform their community into a culture of sustainability, where sustainability best practices become common behavior among individuals and groups.

CTS Group is proud to be a part of making the College's goal a reality.