Project Cost: $1,845,793 Construction

Type: Guaranteed Performance

Term: 15 Year Term

Total Savings: $2,834,840 Energy / Operational / Maintenance Costs


Camden County struggled for years with a poorly designed HVAC system in both of the County’s facilities. Energy and operational costs were escalating every year as budgets were being squeezed. With little to no capital to spend on upgrades, there were not many options for Camden County and the much needed upgrades. The Commissioners turned to CTS for help and CTS identified that an Energy Savings Performance Contract would not only address their issues, but also refresh the declining operations budget.

Project Overview

As part of the project, the Courthouse has a brand new Variable Refrigerant Flow HVAC system along with new lighting, building automation system, and new windows. The Justice Center received modifications to the HVAC piping and pumping, domestic hot water system upgrades, a new building automation system and repairs to the well field.

Project Results

The Energy Conservation Measures (ECM) of the project are guaranteed to save the County $104,421 in annual energy savings alone and another $40,000 in operational savings. After this project has paid for itself, the County will see over $600,000 in positive cash flow which means instead of paying the utility companies, they will pay themselves back.