Project Cost: $1,106,563

Construction Timeline: September - December 2010

Type: Guaranteed Performance Contract / 10 Year Term

Grants/Rebates: $152,436

Total Savings 15 Years: $1,758,120 Energy / Operational / Maintenance Costs

Project Background

The Hazelwood City Council selected CTS as their provider for energy saving facility retrofits at six municipal facilities: City Hall, Community Center, Civic Center, two Fire Stations, and the Streets Department facilities. In evaluating the City’s facilities, CTS determined various strategies available to Hazelwood that would aid in lowering future capital investments and the operational and energy costs at each facility. These strategies combine to improve the quality of the indoor working environments and preserve previous capital investments. The City moved forward with CTS’ Performance Contract recommendations which assisted the City in achieving their goal of reducing energy and operational expenditures and preserving the existing facilities. The scope of work included HVAC upgrades; temperature control building automation systems; optimization of lighting systems; electrical and plumbing modifications.

Energy Cost Reductions

Prior to the improvement project, the six facilities average utility cost was $2.17/sq. ft. The post project cost is $1.46/sq. ft. for a reduction of 33% The savings equate to almost $100,000 in annual energy and operational savings. The energy savings, along with the operational and maintenance savings which the new systems will afford, are being redirected to fund the improvements.
Additionally, CTS applied for and received on behalf of the City $97,889 in American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) Funds through the Missouri Energy Efficiency and Conservation Block Grant (EECBG) Program.

Measurement & Verification

The 12 month audit following project completion indicated that the projected energy savings were not achieved. As promised and guaranteed in the contract, CTS wrote a check to the City for the shortfall. Steps were immediately taken by CTS to ensure that the guaranteed savings are achieved in year two and beyond. The 2nd year audit showed that the guaranteed energy savings had in fact been met and exceeded by 5%.

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