The City Council of Quincy, Illinois, recently approved a $1.2 million performance contract with CTS to provide facility upgrades at the City Hall which will improve comfort and drastically reduce energy consumption. CTS estimates that the city will reduce utility costs by over $45,000 annually once the project is completed.


The City Hall facility was originally designed and constructed as a bank. As is true with many bank buildings, the mechanical systems are complex and were installed to provide the most comfortable environment for their patrons at all costs. Many times this meant higher than normal utility and maintenance costs. This is the case with this structure.

“The intent of this retrofit is to restore comfort to all levels of the building and reduce utility consumption permanently,” explained Scott Ririe, Managing Partner of CTS. “This will be accomplished by removing most mechanical systems, redesigning the variable air volume, and installing the most energy efficient systems that work within the present building design.”

Ken Cantrell, Director of Administrative Services for the City of Quincy, stated, “The 50 year old HVAC system is wrought with problems not only due to the age of the equipment, but also because of lack of proper maintenance over the years prior to the City acquiring the building. Skyrocketing utility costs have made modifying the systems more palatable now than ever before. Additionally, visitors and occupants will be able to be comfortable which has not been possible with the current system.”

Project Overview

Following an in-depth engineering analysis of the building and its systems, CTS developed a project that will not only provide the needed levels of comfort for occupants, but guarantees over $45,000 annual savings in gas and electric costs. If the savings fall short, CTS will reimburse the City for the difference. Additionally, the City will be able to eliminate the excessive ongoing maintenance expenses to keep the existing systems functioning.