Project Cost: $2,741,678

Construction Timeline: April - September 2012

Type: Guaranteed Performance Contract

Grants/Rebates: 157,819 Energize Missouri Coimmunities - DNR

Annual Savings: $59,800 Energy / $66,000 Operations-Maintenance

Project Background

The City of Richmond Heights was faced with aging and inefficient mechanical and lighting systems at the City Hall, Public Safety and The Heights recreational facility. The outdated infrastructure systems were resulting in excessive energy and operational/maintenance expenditures each year. The City looked to CTS for a solution to minimize their annual expenditures and improve comfort and productivity in the facilities.


In evaluating the City’s facilities, CTS determined various strategies available to Richmond Heights that aid in lowering future capital investments and the operational and energy costs at each facility, all while improving the quality of the indoor working environment and preserving previous capital investments.
Specific strategies allowing the City to achieve their goal of reducing energy and operational expenditures and preserving the existing facilities included:

  • Upgrades to the existing HVAC systems
  • Installation of a building automation system
  • Optimization of the current lighting systems

The various benefits realized by the City of Richmond Heights from the improvement project based on a Life Cycle approach include, but are not limited to:

  • Financial savings through decreased operating and energy expenses
  • Optimization of the indoor environment for increased staff productivity
  • Avoidance of risk associated with failure of older equipment
  • Greater control and flexibility over the building systems
  • Grant and rebate money available to reduce capital investment
  • Increased reliability of mechanical systems
  • Reduction of deferred maintenance
  • Positive public relations

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