Project Cost: $1,310,720

Construction Timeline: June-December 2013

Type: Guaranteed Performance Contract

Annual Savings: $9,390 Energy/$13,423 Operational/$81,786 Maintenance Costs

Project Background

The 15,500 sq. ft. DeKalb County courthouse was originally constructed in 1939. With it’s classic design features and architectural integrity, the structure has been placed on the National Historical Registry. However, the original boiler system with room radiator units was well past it’s useful life and with only one point of temperature control, many areas of the courthouse would need to open windows due to excessive heat. Air conditioning was being provided by window units that were extremely costly to operate and did not meet cooling needs. The original wood frame windows were very leaky, and the outdated lighting systems were huge users of electricity. The Excessive energy and operational costs, as well as comfort issues, required action by the County Commission for a solution. Capital funds were not available for a traditional improvement project. The County looked to CTS Group for available options to get the needed improvements with the budget restraints.


After thorough analysis of the facility and its systems, CTS determined various strategies available to DeKalb County that aid in lowering future capital investments and the operational and energy costs at the courthouse, all while improving the quality of the indoor working environment and preserving previous capital investments. Through the use of Performance Contracting, the following improvements were able to be made and have provided the needed comfort levels

  • Ground source geothermal heating and cooling system
  • Temperature control building automation system
  • Historically accurate energy efficient windows and exterior doors
  • Energy efficient lighting upgrades


The project is guaranteed to reduce the courthouse’s annual energy usage by 34% lowering the cost per sq. ft. from $1.76 to $1.15.

“The Courthouse has been under construction since I arrived in January of 2011. I can honestly tell you construction was horrible until CTS came along. My family has been involved in the house building business since 1993. Although on a much smaller scale than the County project, this has been by far the best experience I have ever had. All of the contractractors and CTS went above and beyond to make this a very successful project.”
— Melissa “Missy” Meek, Dekalb County Clerk

DeKalb County Case Study PDF