Project Cost: $4,787,983

Construction Timeline: January-December 2010

Type: Multi-Phase Guaranteed Performance Contract

Term: 15 Years

Total Savings: $1,758,120 in Energy/Operations & Maintenance Costs

Project Background

The Jefferson County Board of Executives selected CTS as their qualified provider over five other ESCOs for energy retrofits in all fourteen county buildings. CTS developed a facility improvement plan for areas where the County was able to reduce costs, improve energy efficiency and address deferred maintenance needs in all buildings owned by the County. The energy conservation measures developed by CTS in turn reduce greenhouse gas emissions by an estimated 661 metric tons* and create 29 jobs**.


With the assistance of CTS, the County applied for and was awarded $1.9 million from the Energy Efficiency Conservation Block Grant from the American Reinvestment and Recovery Act (stimulus funds) for the project. The County also utilized Missouri Statute 8.231 to fund additional improvements with energy and operational savings through a guaranteed energy savings project. The result for the County was a project that was fully funded with stimulus funds and cost savings with no impact on the budget or tax increase for the county residents. Besides reducing energy costs, these improvements enhance occupant comfort; reduce deferred maintenance; decrease the need for capital dollars; replace banned refrigerants with environmentally friendly coolants; and lower the number of service calls needed in County facilities.


The County wide facility renovations included:

  • Lighting retrofits and motion sensors
  • HVAC upgrades
  • Energy management syystems software and equipment
  • Access control security system
  • Window and door replacements
  • Interior renovations including build out of two courtrooms and office space
  • Electrical and plumbing modifications
  • Laundry ozone system
  • Fire/security system at Courthouse

“I have found CTS Group to be a company of integrity, excellent construction knowledge and ability, and exceptional communicators. They went above and beyond to have the project completed to our satisfaction and exceed our expectations. I would highly recommend CTS to anyone contemplating a facility improvement project or energy saving modifications.” — Steve Stoll, Director of Administrative Services, Jefferson County

Jefferson County Case Study PDF

*GGH reduction data from

**Job creation data from DOE EECBG Benefits Calculator.xls