Project Background

In January 2007, CTS Group was selected through a competive Request for Proposal process to be Spoon River College's Life Cycle Infrastructure Program Manager. Over the next three months CTS completed an Infrastructure and Energy Assessment of the campus facilities which culminated into a new Facilities Master Plan for the College.

"I have found CTS Group to be a company of integrity, excellent construction knowledge and ability, and exceptional communicators with their clients. Our experience has been first rate. Any issues were handled without question and to I have found CTS Group to be a
company of integrity
our satisfaction. They went above and beyond to make everything the way we wanted it to be. All of our projects were completed on time, within budget, and with no change orders. I liked the fact that CTS was "one head to hit" for me. I did not have to worry about the blame game between contractors. If there was an issue, I told CTS Group about it and it was taken care of... immediately. I would highly recommend CTS Group to anyone contemplating construction projects." Brett Stoller, Vice President of Administrative Services

Facilities Master Plan

The facilities Master Plan included recommendations for revitalization of existing facilities through energy retrofits and facility improvements and extended to a sustainable, renewable energy conscious design for future capital projects. The next step included working with the College administration and Board of Trustees to consider implementation of phases that were aligned with the College's strategic capital planning.

These projects involved the construction of two new roughly 5,000 sq. ft. outreach centers at Havana and Rushville. These new facilities added much needed classroom space in a learning environment. The previous facilities were leased and were not originally designed as classroom space. The new buildings were designed and built with the college student and class in mind. These important construction projects provided much needed space for the expanded needs of their students.

Renovating the Macomb Campus

Spoon River College had the ability to envision the potential that a vacant structure held for their Macomb campus. With careful planning and design practices, the College and CTS were able to transform the property into a facility the community is now proud of.

spoonRiver-before1The purchase of the vacant 81,000 sq. ft. commercial property and subsequent construction of a state-of-the-art community college education center provides a workforce training center and a community center to accommodate the needs of Macomb's growing population base of businesses and residents alike. The Phase 1 renovation consisted of 15,000 sq. ft. on the east end of the building and includes a conference center, three classrooms and two computer labs for community and workforce education, office space, and a small kitchen/prep area for food service for the conference center. This project involved complete gutting of the existing building and complete buildout of the remaining shell.

On behalf of the College, CTS applied for and received a geothermal grant from the Illinois Clean Energy Office which provided partial funding for a ground source geothermal system for the heating and cooling of the facility. The geothermal system allows the College to significantly reduce their impact on the environment and significantly reduce their energy costs over the long term. The grant funds helped offset the increase in the initial cost of a geothermal system versus a traditional rooftop unit system.


Spoon River College continues to grow in student enrollment. "We feel this growth is attributed to the steps the College has taken to improve the learning environment both with our physical space upgrades and new programs," said Brett Stoller. "The College is committed to improving student success through curriculum changes, staff training and facility improvements. Spoon River College understands that student success is directly related to the quality of the learning environment. We strive to ensure that each facility meets standards set to optimize each student's ability to learn. Spoon River College takes great pride in the quality and condition of our facilities."

spoonRiver-after1Spoon River College has dealt with the demands of running a community college covering five counties and creating new educational opportunities for their students. They are proud of their 50 year history and look forward to a successful future with greatly improved learning environments and modernized facilities.